Hello! I’m Nerissa, and I love pretty letters.

My calligraphy love story…

Several years ago, I began to study calligraphy in preparation for my own wedding. As an appreciator of good penmanship, addressing invitations was my personal and handmade touch to the occasion. I fell in love with calligraphy and continued to practice it ever since. I like to think it was just a matter of time, and that the art form was a dormant passion of a second grader who couldn’t wait to learn cursive.

I’m passionate about exploring calligraphy in various forms to hone my craft. Ink and paper will have me oohing & ahhing all day, and I nerd out on different styles and methods of writing. I’m a member of the Chicago Calligraphy Collective, and I’m so grateful for the many wonderful people I’ve encountered on this calligraphy journey—engaging and knowledgeable instructors, enthusiastic fellow students, and others with a sincere appreciation for handwritten art.

In addition to being the calligrapher at Nerissa B. Modern Calligraphy, I’m a moderator for the Calligraphy Club of high school students in Chicago. I also enjoy yoga, traveling, baking, and ritually watching House Hunters International with my amazing husband, Joe.

For me, calligraphy is more than pretty penmanship. It is a fluid practice of discovery and patience, whimsy and elegance. It is an expression of love, lettered.

I look forward to creating an expression for you!

Nerissa B. Israel